• Hook Magnet Side View Mirror Set for 5.5mm Endoscope Camera
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    Only Compatible with WF025 & WF035 & WF050& NTC55S & NTCT55S borescope camera series 

    Color version: black

    3 PCs

    1xhook, 1xmagnet, 1x mirror view


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Product Description

Are you troubled by catching the little objects in hard-to-reach or hard-to-see place? If yes, then you’re right in the place. 

This DEPSTECH endoscope hook/magnet/mirror attachments offers a great solution for the problem you have met with. Will be a good tool for inspection work or catching objects in invisible places. 

Magnet is a good accessory tool for getting the little objects with metal in hard-to-reach places, such as the coins under sofa or sewer pipe. 

Hook can be used to pick up objects like rings or key rings in the sewer pipe or else, will be a good choice for getting them in narrow places. 

Side View Mirror offers you a different view angle for the inspecting places so as to better solve the problem you have met. 
There’s a protective film on the side view mirror lens, please peel off it before using, otherwise, it may affect the image quality 

How to Install? 
Firstly, you need to anticlockwise unscrew the top cover part on the 5.5mm camera tip. Then you’ll see the screw thread, clockwise rotation to screw the hook/magnet/mirror to the camera tip. Then you’re ready to use the hook/magnet/mirror. 

Important Notes: 
1. These accessories are included in the original product package. If you’ve already ordered our original WF010 endoscope, there’s no need to order again. These parts are only intended for replacing the original damaged kits. 
2. This set can only fit for original DEPSTECH WF025 & WF035 & WF050& NTC55S & NTCT55S endoscope camera, other models endoscope are incompatible. Pls make sure the model of your endoscope before purchasing.

Package Contents: 
1 × Hook 
1 × Magnet 
1 × Mirror 

Backed by DEPSTECH 3 Year-Limited Warranty, Free Customer Service & After-sale Service Available.


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